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Our clients' feedback


    „Craft-vodka brand Rüübe offers both classical tastes and something new and exciting. It’s great for just enjoyment but also for making cocktails and other mixed drinks.“

    KRISTJAN MARKII sommelier and gastronome

    “Rüübe vodka should be drank in room temperature – only mediocre vodka shoud be drank cold. This clearly states that Rüübe is the flagship of highest quality vodkas.

    Ginger RÜÜBE has an amazing aroma and extraordinary interesting taste. I think, that the fireweed RÜÜBE should represent the whole Eastern Estonia, the region that keeps alive the legacy of fireweed tea known as Ivan Chai.”


    „Already when pouring out Rüübe, the aroma of the vodka made me want to pair it with a beautifully grilled piece of lamb. That was the first time for me when vodka aromas give me an instant association of a certain dish.

    You do not need anything to wash down Rüübe’s vodka – it has a very clear taste and is clearly the first culinary vodka for me.

    The fireweed Rüübe impresses me with it’s clarity in aroma and flavor. The good thing is that the ideas, that you gather during tasting the vodka, are still clear in the morning. Together with my family I’m a big fan of fermented fireweed tea. Tasting the Rüübe vodka felt like meeting my morning friend but in the evening.”


    Rüübe „Haljas“ – a vodka which is as clear as glass, with a slight viscosity, with a clear scent and slightly spicy undertone. From flavours you can distinctly feel spices and sweetness. Packaged nicely. Nice clear product, I recommend to enjoy it in moderation. 90 points out of a 100 from me.

    Rüübe „Ginger-Mint“ – clear colored, has strong scent of mint in it’s aroma. In flavours dominates peppermint, which is slightly mixed with ginger.

    Rüübe’s „Fireweed“ vodka – clear coloured, with a distinct herbal scent, associates with bog and smells of summer forest plants. Tastes slightly spicy, the taste is even more tempting than the aroma.

    The last two (ginger-mind and fireweed) I would rather recommend for cocktail making.

    PS. The drinks were taste tested at +10 celcius from a tulip-shaped glass.”


    We taste tested Rüübe’s craft vodkas with 14 TalTech Open University Culinary Management academy 8th graduation class students under the instructions of top sommelier Aivar Vipper. All taste tested vodkas were beautifully clear, since they are 100% organic products. The vodkas received the following feedback:

    CRAFT VODKA „HALJAS“: we tasted the maturity and sweetness of rye. It’s a well balanced clear traditional vodka with clean flavour. The after taste contains the sweetness of rye. “Haljas” vodka would be a real adornment on any party table.

    Average rating: 8,31

    RITTA ROOSAAR TalTech Open University & Estonian Entrepreneurship Shool Mainor lecturer