Rüübe craft vodkas now have a new and modern website at www.surakas.ee. In addition to the updated look and functionality, the website also features a refreshed online store where you can conveniently purchase our products. Whether it's "Haljas," recognized as the best vodka in Estonia, or one of our flavored vodkas, our latest addition, RÜÜBE WHITE CRAFT RUM RUM № 102, is also available for purchase through the online store. On the new website, all Rüübe fans can also provide us with their feedback, which we will upload to the website as much as possible.

Our chili-blackcurrant RÜÜBE achieved the highest score in the flavored vodkas category at the Craft Spirits Berlin 2022 competition, held at the beginning of 2022, earning a silver medal (no gold was awarded) - thus receiving the highest recognition among flavored vodkas in 2022. You can read more about the award-winning product and purchase it here. The Craft Spirits Berlin Festival is Europe's most important trade fair for handmade spirits. The fair's motto is: "Regionally and sustainably produced craft spirits - exclusively and only from natural ingredients." Distilleries and producers of spirits present their products at this fair every year, attracting restaurant owners, bartende

On the 2021. Midsummer day we finalized a new flavour – handmade vodka RÜÜBE with chili and blackcurrant. Get in touch with us, if you want to buy a bottle or two. The new new handmade vodka will be available in our e-store, what will be opened soon. The new handmade vodka RÜÜBE with chili and blackcurrant, made utilising a unique production process. Blackcurrants grown in pure Estonian nature and exotic chili peppers have been used in the distillation process. The drink is characterised by its bright transparency, blackcurrant aroma, and the vivid taste of chili pepper. NB! Organic Estonian spirits have been used in production. Makes good company even better – exciting aroma and

TalTech Open University Culinary Management Academy 8th year graduates feedback after taste testing on 25.05.2021. The taste testing was done under the guidance of Aivar Vipper who is one of Estonia’s finest sommeliers. The test testing was done based on a questionnaire that had 9 questions and the grading scale was from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. If in the beginning it might seem that vodka is such an ordinary product and there is not much to taste test, however, upon closer look that is not so. The participants analyized the products and organised the results based on the vodka’s look, aroma, taste, alcohol integration and aftertaste, which are all important for the quality of the pr

The most important events and dates in the history of Rüübe’s vodkas: In June 2019 we started with the successful taste testings of two of our flavoured vodkas. We found the perfect balance for the smooth tasting fireweed and also for the great blend of ginger and mint. In July 2019 we mixed and bottled the first batch of fireweed and ginger-mint flavoured vodkas. In August 2019 we started with the presentation and sale of our first products. As traditional for Estonians, there was some initial scepticism over our new take on vodka, however, slowly but surely the first bottles made its way to the consumers. In December 2019 we also made our traditional vodka „Haljas“ due to the stro